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24X7 Towing & Repairs

How to find the best towing service in the entire USA?  When hiring a towing company, there are a few things to keep in mind.  After all, this company is going to towing around one of your top possessions.  The age of the smartphone has helped in this area.

It is easy to pick up your phone and do research on the company even before calling.  This is a great service that is important.  Do you know if your car insurance covers the towing?  This is a good question to ask as well.  And, how long has the company been towing for?  Whether you’re in a car accident or stuck on the side of the road.

Local roadside assistance is important.  Getting locked out of your car is a bummer.  That is why there are towing companies.  This isn’t something planned but it’s usually something needed.

What to look for in a Towing service

So you have had an accident.  Hopefully not too severe and you need a tow to a shop, home, or where ever.  Somethings to look for your towing company are the equipment used.

Tow shops have to rely on their equipment, so it should be in good condition and ready to go.  Equipment such as GPS is something now found in just about every person’s pocket.  However, still a very needed device, phone or otherwise.

You should be able to give you location based on your phone.  As long as you didn’t lose it in the accident.  Remember, now all towing companies are alike.  They have a level of experience that you should look at, as well as other factors.

Towing companies charge different rates and something this can be drastic.  Look at their rates online or give them a call.  Definitely shop around a bit if you have the time.  Once your car is in their possession, it is theirs.  Make sure they are insured and licensed in case something were to happen.

Towing companies are not equal

There is a range of towing options as well. Flat Bed Towing is something that needs to be done with all-wheel cars and vintage models. However, a simple tow of a front wheel car doesn’t need this. A good towing company will have a range of different trucks for different solutions.

The should be able to recommend the right solution for the job.  Say, you’re stuck as well as been in an accident.  They will need a great detailed description of where you are and how badly you are stuck.  Do you know what is under your car or truck?

Any debris around that could cause harm to the tow truck or driver should be noted.  A down power-line would be something to note for sure.  But, is there a big sinkhole?  Bridge out or otherwise, that would prevent safe travels of the tow truck. Tow truck drivers are often at the scene of an accident before some of the first responders. So, the more information you can give them the better.

How to decide on your Tow truck company

You should look at how long a tow truck company has been in business.  Tow truck companies that have been around for a long time have more experience.  Would you trust your baby to a teen or an adult?  Think about it. As the driver lifts your car onto the back of a truck so many things are going on.

Does he know what he’s doing?  Some can cause more damage than it’s worth. If you have rear wheel, front wheel or all wheel will make a difference on how to strap the car down. Where to strap the car down is also an issue.  All of this knowledge will come with the tow truck driver.  Drivers often know just by your make and model without even looking it up.

24X7 Towing & Repairs

Low Profile Towing

Do you have a car that is super low profile?  It was either lowered, is a vintage car project or that’s just how it was made like a Corvette.  This can be an issue for some drivers.  As the car is lifted it can cause the bumpers to scrap on the truck.

The bumpers are low to the ground and as they are lifted the car is scraped along the pavement.  This can scratch or rip the bumper right off.  But, there are things that tow drivers can do to prevent this damage.  Should you find yourself in the need of a tow and have a low profile car.  Be sure to mention that when calling.  This will determine if the driver has the equipment to pick your car up.

 Need a Towing Service?

Being stuck on the side of the road is frustrating.  But, please keep safety in mind.  If your car has quit at night, stay in the car if at all possible.  As cars pass and such, it is safer inside the car than standing alongside the road.  Put your emergency lights on to show other cars you are there.  If the car will move, move it out of the way either by pushing or driving it gimping to the side.

This will help other drivers that aren’t exactly paying attention not hit you.  If you have a flat tire and need help, put the car as far off the road as possible.  As we change it, the further from the road as possible will help with safety.

The highways are the most common place for tow truck needs.  And, we have seen plenty of double and triple accidents as motorists don’t slow down.  Or they are simply not paying attention to their surroundings.

Diagnostic Checks

Some tow truck drivers carry a diagnostic checking device.  This can be especially handy when your car or truck just quite.  Alternatively, many can check your battery and alternator right on the side of the road as well.

These tests can help determine what kind of towing you might need.  Do you need to go to a full-service shop?  Do you need to just hit an Auto Store for a new battery?  These things could save you a ton of money and time.  We would suggest you ask for your calling around.  If your car has just quit or even had some signs of quitting call a local repair shop. The shop can help guide you as well on what might be wrong.  Different cars are known for different issues.  Most shops and garages are aware of the “known issues".

Our Services

24 Hour Flat Tire Service
24 Hour Flat Tire Service

Our highly skilled technicians can fix a flat tire alongside the road with no issues and in no time. We work with tires all the time, so we are much quicker at it than the average driver. No one wants to mess with getting a tire off and on by the side of the road. This often happens on the highways, which cars are buzzing by. Do not take high risks and give us a call. You will be glad you did. We offer 24 hour flat tire service in all cities in the USA. We are skilled to get you back on track and replace your flat tire. Alternatively, if you don’t have a spare tire, we can also give you a ride to the best flat tire repair shop in your city. It is totally up to you to choose the tire shop. We are committed to drive you to the best roadside assistance tire change service.

24 Hour Car Jump Services
24 Hour Car Jump Services

Car jump start help is something we all hope we never need, however, we need all too often.  Give us a call and try our 24 hour car jump service in the USA. We will get your car to a safe and reliable shop and you to safety as well. We are doing our best to offer an outstanding car towing services. Also, we are one of the few towing companies that offer 24 hour service.  Standing beside a busy highway can be dangerous, so we do offer some tips while you wait for your wrecker services. Give us a call today. You will be glad that you did. Check out our jump start your car service.

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