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Things to do in Austin Texas | Give us a Call for More Info!

Learn the Top Things to do in Austin Texas

Austin is the capital of Texas. So, it makes sense to learn the most important things to do in Austin. It is the home of the University of Texas. It has the largest urban bat colony in North America. There are many spots that you can go to watch them fly out from under the bridges. During the spring and summer, you will have 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats. The largest colony live under the Congress Ave. bridge.

And, Austin has the only nude beach in Texas. If this is something you’re into, you will need to go to Austin in order to participate, well, legally anyway. It doesn’t have a professional sports team. But, it has been the background in many movies.

Austin is a Great Place to Visit!

If you love food and music, Austin is a great place to visit. In all reality, this place has amazing nightlife. There are many bars, pubs, and amazing restaurants to enjoy. The people of Austin love their food and music and it shows. In fact, it is known as the Live music capital of the world. There are always live bands playing too. If you want some amazing Mexican food, you need to check out Austin. With it being only 225 miles from the border, the traditional Mexican food is amazing.

The city of Austin is about the same size as the entire state of New York, which is roughly 280 square miles. Specifically, it is the fourth-largest city in Texas. The state capital building is the largest domed building in the United States, second to the National Capital building. It has 400 rooms, 924 windows, and 18 vaults. This building spreads over 3 acres in the downtown area.

Austin is located in Texas, which puts it in the central time zone. Furthermore, it has a huge population of 950K and has been growing over the years, as most of Texas is. It is attracting 150 new residents and countless businesses each day.

Things to do in Austin

Austin Aquarium

The main Sightseeing You should Consider!

Lady Bird Johnson wildflower center is a beautiful garden that you can browse. Indeed, it has the largest collection of native plants in Texas. It is pretty expansive at 42 acres. And, is free to enjoy!

Barton Springs Pool is located in Zilker Park (2207 Lou Neff Rd, Austin, TX 78746). It is a pool that is filled by natural springs and it tends to remain at a constant temperature of 68-70 degrees, which makes it perfect for year-round swimming.

Do you like history? Austin is full of historical places. Places just like Caswell House (1404 West Ave, Austin, TX 78701). Historically, this is a home that was built by a cotton farmer and has been stuck in that time ever since. So, it is a great place to have a party or wedding and can be rented for such events.

Zilker Park

Caswell House.

Attractions of Austin TX

Austin has all kinds of attractions, not just history. For example, South Congress Avenue is a great place to hang out. There are all kinds of boutiques and bars. In reality, this is a district that has great boots, hats and western gear, should you be looking for it. This district is usually called SoCo and is south of the bat bridge. In addition, this area has all kinds of shops such as souvenir shops to art-filled places. 

Austin Aquarium

Do you like Aquariums? Austin has a full aquarium that is beautiful. In fact, families enjoy all kinds of unique experiences throughout the aquarium. There are all kinds of things for children to do here as well. For example, they are able to touch crocodiles. And, they can handle slithering snakes and even get pictures of themselves with large exotic birds. Also, other fun things to do, is you can hand-feed sharks, stingrays, tropical animals, and birds. 

Industrial Companies in Austin TX

Practically, the city of Austin in Texas is quite rich with almost each industry. That is why the employment rate is quite low and the city enjoys a decent life style. There must be a reason why a lot of people moved in during the last decade. The city is well known for great food, nice weather, big IT companies, reputable university. And if you got stuck on the road, you will have a bunch of Austin towing companies that are available 24×7.  Furthermore, in case you are willing to move in, you will find a bunch of local moving companies that can help you with that.

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