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Onion Creek is a Neighborhood in Austin | State of Texas

Onion Creek Neighborhood!

Onion Creek offers you the best neighborhood that you can settle for in Austin, TX. It does this by combining a series of social amenities and infrastructure that are needed for the best experience for an excellent choice of neighborhoods. In reality, it is versatile as it provides residents with several facilities. As a result, this helps in engaging in both education and also recreation activities. The same applies to Lost Creek.


Several schools cover from elementary to middle up until high schools that would guarantee that your kids get the best education in the country. The schools here might not be state of the art but they provide your children with the best preparation needed for them to join colleges in future. There is also a great opportunity there to get a scholarship.

Onion Creek Neighborhood

Infrastructure of Onion Creek!

Onion Creek provides residents with well-maintained infrastructure that connects to bordering towns in Austin, TX. You should therefore not be worried about how you will get to a shopping center or even the best idea for a nice evening. You could always invite a partner over for an evening date. This is thanks to several restaurants and cafes that make it possible for you to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. You could also enjoy a dinner date or even a drink or two in the evening or on the weekends.

The neighborhood is connected to other areas through infrastructures such as rail, roads and other effective means. And it is safe. For example, if you got stuck on the road, just call any Austin towing company and they will bring you back to road in no time. This means that the residents here get to work or school through either private cars or even buses. They may also go there by trains, which is one of the most effective means of transport in this area. You should therefore not worry about the community to work or school when you reside in the Onion Creek neighborhood.

The Culture!

Onion Creek is an area that has a versatile culture range that rises from the ancestry of the people in the area. As indicated above most of them are from Scottish ancestry and this would provide you to connect with your Scottish side if you are part of Scottish decency. Some of the people are of the Mexican ancestry, while others are of German decency, Irish and even English decency. In practice, living there is an excellent way to learn about the different ancestries that are in this neighborhood as well as get in touch with their culture. This will be possible. You get the opportunity of learning more about these cultures because some of them will be your neighbors.

Residents Diversity!

Onion Creek is a place that enjoys diversity among its inhabitants. This is because some of the people that live there are actually of Scottish decency. The neighborhood has the largest population of people with Scottish ancestry than any other in America. This would be an excellent idea for you to learn about Scottish people. In addition, the living expenses are not high and the area is rich in terms of job opportunities.

In addition, moving in would be an easy job, thanks to the large number of moving companies. Also, the area has a wide range of services companies that will make your life easy.