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Terms and Conditions

By using this website you have agreed to the terms and conditions stated here. Should you not agree, then back out of the website and do not sure our site.  We own all the intellectual property you see on our website.  We have the right to everything as we produced it.  You cannot use our content or images for your own purposes.

You are granted limited access only of all the content for viewing only unless for personal use.  This personal use could be printing out directions or a phone number for example.


You are restricted to use our content or website material for the following:

  • Sublicensing, selling or otherwise commercializing on our content and website material.
  • Publishing any and all of our website onto another media form without permission.
  • Using our website in a way that would be damaging to the website
  • Publicly showing our website for demonstrations
  • Using our website to engage in advertising or marketing without our permission
  • Using this website against any applicable laws or regulations. Or do something that will cause harm to this business or a person.
  • Use this website in a way that impacts the website in a negative fashion

Your Content

On this website, “Your Content" pertains to any content that you have published.  If you choose to display it on this website or properties of this website such as social profiles, we have the right to reuse it.  That is video, audio, images or any other form of content.  By placing it on our properties you have given us the permission we need to use it.

Your content must be your own and cannot be something duplicated or otherwise obtained with or without the permission of the third party.

No Warranties

This website may contain some “faults", in this event we certainly ask that you use this website “as is" with nothing obligated.  We offer no warranties on this website or from the contents of this website.  Nothing on this website should be interpreted as advising you.  You are free to make your own personal choices and form your own opinion.

Limitation of Liability

We, our officers, directors, and employees are not liable for anything that arises from using our website and it’s content.  We are not liable in any indirect, direct or consequential way for anything you do regarding the information found on this website.

Variation of Terms

We are able to revise, remove and add to these terms at any time we see fit.  We expect our visitors to reviews these terms from time to time.


We are allowed to sublet these terms, transfer assign or subcontract any of our rights that thees terms spell out.

Entire Agreement

These terms as they stand are an entire agreement that we have with you, our visitors in regard to the use of our website.  These terms supersede all prior understandings and agreements.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms follow the law and are governed by and interpreted in accordance with any local laws that this website represents.