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Our Medium Duty Towing Services in the USA!

Medium duty towing uses a smaller tow truck that will allow the vehicle to be picked up and maneuvered more easily than some of the other larger truck options. And, medium duty towing offers more flexibility as the truck can maneuver in tight spaces easier than some of our heavy-duty options. It can be used to pull cars from the ditch or out of ravines.  The tow trucks typically have a large wench on the front that helps assist cars and trucks that are stuck and don’t have the power to get out on their own. We offer medium duty towing along with our roadside assistance, heavy-duty towing, construction towing and more. Our fleet is large enough to handle just about any towing situation you can put in front of us.

Know what you are driving!

Medium duty towing is a service we offer to those vehicles that qualify. There are certain weight restrictions to our medium-duty tow truck, which we will evaluate before ever sending out our guys. When you call be sure you know what it is that you are driving, the mark and model will be most helpful to understand your towing needs. This can be found on your vehicle registration or look at the trunk lid of the car.

Most cars will have mark and model in emblems to help. This is a common issue that we have with callers and hope this information will help. For us to send the proper duty truck towing services to you, be sure to describe everything that you need. If you are calling about roadside assistance, do you need gas? A tire changed? Or have some other problem that we can assist you with like sending out one of our medium duty vehicles.

Medium Duty Towing

Our Comprehensive Rescue Package!

Our medium duty towing services are here when you need us. We are dedicated to helping people get back on the road. We take our time to understand your needs so that we can act quickly. Our goal is to get to you quickly and have everything on board the truck we need to help you. In addition, safety is our number one concern. So, we regularly keep an eye on the safety regulations for coupling devices and towing methods

If you have been in an accident, they please stay in your car if it is safe.  Standing on the side of the highway out in the open is not a very safe option. Be sure that if you do have to stay out of the car that you are back off the road so that you are not in harm’s way. We want everyone to get home safe each and every night and that includes our drivers as well. Do not approach the medium tow truck until the driver has gotten out of the truck. They can’t always see you and their trucks can be quite large at times. Be safe out there and alert to those around you.

Why US?

Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, our tow trucks are equipped with the most recent technology to find your location easily and quickly. In all reality, truck towing is not an easy job. So, you do not have to pick the first towing service company you find. Indeed, the highest priority of our towing company is customer satisfaction. And that is why we train our tow truck drivers to deal with almost all situations.

If there is debris on the road, do not attempt to move on your own. Our drivers are trained in debris clean up and will stop the traffic and do it safely if needed. So, we are here for you day or night to help with any situation you find yourself in out on the road. Never feel alone, we are only a phone call away to give our emergency roadside assistance a try. Apart from our medium duty towing department and delivery truck towing, you can check below our other services: