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Top-Rated Car Lockout Services in the USA!

It is a bad day when you shut that car door to turn around and see your car keys dangling from the ignition. This is not ever fun for anyone and to get those car keys out requires an expert. We are here to help you get your keys out of a locked car door with ease and we will not do damage to your locks. If you have accidentally locked your keys in your car, you know that it is super frustrating. However, we are here to help. We work with all makes and models of vehicles including RVs and Semis. Let our dedicated experts get your keys out of the locked vehicle today.

We offer a lockout solution that will help you retrieve your keys from your trunk as well. We have helped 1000s get their keys back and can help you too. And if you need car key replacement, we can do that too. With our experience, we have had great success in getting cars unlocked with ease. Check our online reviews. Our customers are happy because of the short wait time and fair service call fee. In all events, we suggest you having a look at this useful resource about what to do if you got locked out of your car?

Our Lockout Solution!

Did you have a small child, senior family member, or dog lock themselves in the car? Yes, we have calls like this more than we would like. That is indeed one of the worst car lockout situations. Small children love buttons and buttons that make noises! Often times when we hit the lock button you can hear the clicking. However, they have moved onto something else and you cannot get the child to unlock the car.

Or maybe it has become a game to them. Whatever the reason, we need to get your car unlocked quickly so you can go about your day/night. In this case, until we reach you, make sure to ease the situation on the locked person, or pet.

Is your car key stuck in the ignition? This can happen for a number of reasons and is quite a common thing actually. The first thing is first, just like with any of our other services you need not panic. That is not going to help anyone and can actually harm.

And do not try to do any And do not try to do any car key extraction. If you find that you need tow trucks assistance, give us a call. We are here to help you get your key unstuck from the ignition and yes, it is possible. And since it is an emergency situation, we accept the payment using any credit cards

Car lockout services

Key Stuck in Ignition? We Can Still Help!

If you have found that you have lost your keys somewhere along your travels and do not have a spare you will need locksmith services and not a tow truck driver. We can get you into your car but we cannot get your car to turn on without the key. We can, however, tow you and your car home should you have a second set at home to use. This is a convenient service that will get you and your car home safely. 

Having your keys locked in your car is not the end of the world when you have excellent roadside assistance such as ours to assist. We are here for you 24/7 and it doesn’t matter what time of day or what the weather is like. We have all been in your shoes. Getting your keys out of a locked car can be tricky but with the right tools and knowledge, we can get that done for you! Let us help you today!

The coverage of our emergency car lockout services is all USA cities. Contact us if you have any questions about the other roadside assistance plans we offer: