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As we welcome you to our website we would like to let you know a few disclaimers.  This website is best viewed in a contemporary browser such as but not limited to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. 

The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only.  The readers and registrants are the users of the website.  Our materials here are an accurate representation of our services and offers.  These contents have been derived from information that we believe to be true.  However, information and studies do change and age over the years.  Use with caution.

The information you have found on this website is not meant to be a source of advice.  You should, for any and all advice consult a professional. 

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Further Disclaimer

Every effort has been made to represent our company as accurately as possible. 

We own our opinions.  Working in the automotive industry some of us have formed opinions on the makes and models.  We may express our opinions, however, these are simply our opinions.  You need to form an opinion on your own.  We do not endorse any automotive products, however, it may give you guidance on what we would do during a situation.  This is simply guidance that comes from our experience in this industry.  We may have a different opinion than others.  However, that is why we own our opinion but are not held responsible for your actions. 

We operate by the laws of our state and city location.  We follow these laws and these rules are put in for you and our protection. 

The contents on this website are “as is" and without any other kind of warrenty whether implied or expressed.  We are not responsible for the content of this website and do not endorse any of the products, content, services or views that may be expressed here on this site. 

We are not responsible for any business or personal lose entity for any consequential, special, direct, indirect, or other damages that the use of this website might cause or any other website that this website is linked to or has links from.  This means that we are without limitation of any profit loss, loss of programs or information and business interruption due to our services.

Any pricing that is found on this website is simply examples.  To find out the correct pricing for your situation you will need to call. 

The information on this website may be outdated.  Give us a call and ask questions should you question anything found on this website, the contents, and materials.