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Towing Madison WI

Madison Wisconsin sees a lot of snow and ice. With that comes accidents and slide-offs, pile-ups and fender benders.  Getting your car out of the snowbank and back on the road shouldn’t be too complicated with the towing industry of today’s market.  Calling a tow truck is not always something that anyone thinks about until something happens.  Tow trucks are there to pull you from the snow banks as well as get you out of the mud.  If you are in a stuck situation calling for help only makes sense.  After all, you can do more damage to your car should you attempt to get it out on your own. 

We are a dedicated towing company located in Madison Wisconsin. We work with individuals as well as companies to get their vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible. When there has been an accident that has caused significant amounts of damage you can call on us to clean up as well as a safe ride with your car to the shop. Our team of experts is experienced in towing basic cars to the exotic and even heavy duty towing such as semis, buses, and RVs.

Wrecker Services Madison WI

Our wrecker service wants to work quickly and safely to get the roads cleared and everything as back to normal as possible.  When there is a pile-up, we will assess the situation to assist the local authorities on the best way to get things cleaned up.

If you find yourself reading this while nose deep in a ditch, give us a call.  We are happy to send out a crew to your rescue.  We not only help with pulling out vehicles and clearing accidents we can also bring you gas, assist with a lockout and give you a jump start.  As a wrecker service in Madison, we are dedicated to the local area and offer outstanding wrecker services.

Tow Truck Services

Tow truck services are there to help when you need it the most.  We are trained licensed professionals that offer assistance when you are stranded on the side of the road with nobody to call.  Our goals are to work quickly and safely to get the roadways cleared and under control.

We offer dedicated tow truck services to all of Madison and are here to answer any questions or concerns you might have.  When calling tow truck services, be sure to call only the best.  Take a look around at their online reputation and their reviews.  Ask questions and ensure they are knowledgeable of vehicles as well as the area. 

24 Hour Emergency Towing

24 Hour Emergency Towing is just something that is expected from a good towing company. Accidents and slide-offs don’t happen when you are expecting them. Have you ever gone out and found your car just won’t start?  This is so frustrating, however, a towing company may be able to assist.  Many drivers are knowledgeable about cars and can try to make a simple fix right there on the spot. However, if it is something much larger, we can take your car to the mechanic of your choice 24/7.  This will protect the engine from any further damage as well.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is available 24/7 as well.  We can run you out some gas, help with towing a broken car or help you with your lockout or jump start.  Remember, we are here when nobody else is.  We understand that roadside assistance doesn’t always happen at the most convenient times.  However, we work around the clock to ensure that you always have someone you can trust to call.  No worries, we are here when you need us.  We are dedicated to arriving quickly and get you to where you are going safely. 

Lock your keys in the car?

Locking your keys in your car is never fun.  However, we can help with this too.  If you have found yourself locked out of your car with no way in, give us a call.  We are here 24/7 to help with even the most complicated locks.  Locking yourself out of the car is extremely frustrating. However, we can help.  Stay calm and get to a safe location.  If your car is in a dark parking lot, perhaps finding a seat in a local cafe is a better idea.  We can pick you up and take you to your car.  We want everyone to always think of safety first.  So, take a look around and if there is a safer place to wait while we get to you, please go there and let us know.

Change Car Battery

Something as simple as changing a car battery can seem like a daunting task.  But, we do this all the time.  This means that we have a lot of experience with all kinds of battery configurations as well.  If you know it is time for a new battery and does not want to have your car towed to a repair shop, we can come out and simply change your battery for you.

Have a flat tire?

Having a flat tire is the pits.  Those jacks that the care companies provide are simply not the safest option.  Should you find yourself stranded on side of the road with a flat, we can help.  We understand that you may even know how to fix a flat but are not properly dressed for such an occasion.  Let us fix that flat for you.  Fixing a flat tire takes just a few minutes for us.  We will bring our own jacks and get that tire switched out in no time.  But, if you only have a small donut tire you will not be good to go for far and will have to get something a little more sustainable.

Once the tire switch out is complete go slow and try to go as short of a distance as possible until a real-sized tire can be put on.  Once you have used the small spare you will need a new spare as these are not meant to be used multiple times.  We want to see everyone be safe on the roads and that’s why we are here to offer sound advice to help with this. 

Need a jump start?

Getting a jump start is a simple task.  However, not everyone is comfortable with jump starting their own car.  Maybe the markers are not visible or you do not have the cables. We can jump-start your car quickly without issues.  When in doubt call the professionals. 

Car Key Replacement

Is your key stuck in the ignition?  There are various reasons for a key to get stuck in the ignition.  The most common reason for a stuck key is that your car is not in park.  Be sure to check to see if your car is in park before giving us a call.  We have seen this time and time again. 

Towing Madison WI

Madison WI

Madison is a beautiful city and the capital of Wisconsin.  It is located west of Milwaukee.  Madison is the second most populated city in Wisconsin with approximately 233K of people and is home to the University of Wisconsin.  It is located in the central time zone but very close to the eastern time zone.  There are some fun facts about Madison such as it was named after the fourth presidents James Madison.  And, it has streets named after 39 people that signed the constitution.  There are several museums in Madison to visit including the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, the Madison Children’s Museum and Wisconsin Historical Museum.  If you are not into museums there is a zoo called the Henry Vilas Zoo and Olbrich Botanical Gardens to visit as well. 

Free things to do in Madison WI

Some free things to do while visiting Madison Wisconsin are visiting the gardens.  There are the Allen Centennial Gardens and the UW Arboretum.  the Henry Vilas Zoo is actually free to the public and is a great place to go if you have children.  While in Henry Vilas Zoo, take a drive down to the Henry Vilas beach for a nice swim and play in the sand.  Both are free and make a fun and great adventure for any family.  If you are into free things, the UW Geology museum is free and it includes things such as T-rex and Triceratops skeletons to look at, which is another great adventure for the kids.  Madison Wiscon offers a nice selection and a wide variety of various things to do all for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I file a complaint against a towing company?

In this case, you need to contact your local law enforcement agency to file a complaint.  You may also leave appropriate feedback on their online presence in various areas.  You can also call 800-952-5210 which is the number for the DCA’s Bureau of Security and Investigative services which can help you check the driver’s repossessor’s license. 

  • What is a predatory towing?

These are illegal practices done by towing companies to increase their profits.  This is usually done by illegal and unethical practices.

  • What is unbraked towing?

This is for towing trailers and other large objects.  The object in tow does not have its own separate braking system.  This sort of towing is usually less expensive.

  • How is towing legal?

There are laws and regulations in place to protect the citizens of Wisconsin from illegal towing.  These laws must be followed.  Things such as your car have to be in a private parking lot for over an hour before anyone can call a complaint.  Ensure you know your rights.

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