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24X7 Towing & Repairs Wisconsin

In the winter Wisconsin roads can become quite nasty.  There are accidents and slide-offs, pile-ups and whiteouts.  The best thing to do when you have been in an accident in bad weather is to stay in your vehicle if at all possible.  If you are just stuck and the vehicle still runs, keep it running to stay warm.  Sometimes the drivers are very busy during winter storms so try to stay as warm as possible and safe.  If you are injured call 911 and if the car is in a dangerous area be sure to leave it and get to safety. 

Some tips when you have had a small fender bender is to stay calm and ensure everyone is okay. Remember, nobody plans an accident, but when they occur it is nice if everyone helps one another.  The first responders are those involved and those around the accident.  Take care of one another and call 911 to let them know.  Snow and ice can make for torturous conditions, be sure to position yourself in a safe location.  Staying in the car is better than getting out of the car being out in the open where other cars and flying debris may hurt you.  The car will act as protection until help arrives. Got questions? Contact Us

Heavy Duty Tows

When looking for your towing firm be sure to call someone that is local.  After all, your pricing will mostly depend on the miles that the truck has to travel.  However, don’t choose the tow truck by the price and miles alone.  Ensure they are capable of towing your type of vehicle.  This is especially important for those that are driving larger trucks such as semis, box trucks, and RVs.  Heavy-duty towing requires specialized equipment as well as experience and training.  Ensure the company you contact has the ability to help you with your heavy equipment.

Specialty towing is another factor that needs to be considered.  Some exotic cars, as well as historical cars, have special towing needs.  Should you be in a situation that you have some special requests or just need to find someone to move your car from point A to point B, do some research to find the best option for you.  Sometimes it is a matter of making some phone calls and speaking with the companies directly.  Ensure that you are comfortable with this agency and are knowledgeable when speaking.  After all, this is your car, which for most is the second-largest asset to them.  This sort of asset shouldn’t be blindly given to just any tow truck agency. 

Look at the agencies reputation as well.  Most companies have an online presence and feedback.  Read the comments and ensure that this is the company you want to work with.  Due diligence up front can save lots of headaches later. 

Wisconsin Towing Laws

Wisconsin towing has laws and regulations to follow.  Not all tows are done due to the owner needing roadside assistance.  There are abandoned vehicle laws, involuntary lien transfers, private property impounds as well.  There are many reasons to need towing services but remember you have rights too.  If you are in a situation where you are questioning the reasons for towing you should seek legal counsel to ensure you have your rights covered.

We have all seen the signs that state for in-store parking only or something similar.  These signs are marking the territory of that store and protecting their parking from people using them for other things.  Should they notice that a car is parked there and the occupants have not come into the store they can call a tow truck company.  Often times the sign will have the tow truck company that they have called and a phone number.   This helps patrons find their cars and get them back.  This should be quick as these companies do impose storage fees often by the day.

The vehicle owner will be responsible to pay the fees of the tow truck company at the time of pick up.  Wisconsin has laws and regulations in place to ensure that vehicle owners are charged fairly.  If you do not know these fair charges to be sure to look them up.  Rule Trans 319 will explain all about towing illegally parked vehicles.

Explore Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for its cheese.  In 2015 Wisconsin made slightly over 25% of the nation’s cheese.  Milwaukee is a great place to visit if you are into food and beer.  Once, it was the home of 4 large beer companies.  And, today it is flooded with many popular microbreweries.  It is home to Summerfest that happens on the shores of Lake Michigan.  This festival is said to be one of the largest music festivals in the world.

Wisconsin is very much in the heart of the midwest.  Wisconsin like Michigan has an abundance of clear lakes that many families enjoy throughout the summer.  It is where many families enjoy camping and the outdoors.  Enjoying Lake Michigan or going to the lake is a norm for most people from Wisconsin and considered a vacation.

24X7 Towing & Repairs Wisconsin

Lake Effect Snow

Wisconsin like so many living around the Great Lakes gets to enjoy Lake effect snow.  This means there is a large amount of clean fresh snow dumped regularly around the region.  When the cold air passes over the warm lake water it starts the brewing of the perfect snowstorm.  This means that people in Wisconsin have to learn to adapt to their surroundings and enjoy the snow.  Many love to ski, snowmobile, snow shoe and get outside to enjoy the cold weather. 

When visiting Wisconsin there are many fun things to do such as Noah’s Ark Waterpark.  This is a large outdoor waterpark that is set in the Wisconsin Dells.  Not into waterparks?  Well, there are so many treasured landmarks to see as well.  North Point Lighthouse which is restored to its natural beauty.  This lighthouse is located in Lake Park in Milwaukee’s historical east side.  It is 74 foot and has a museum to tour as well. 

Wisconsin is full of history as well. If you are looking for some historical places, the Pabst Mansion, Villa Louis or H. H. Bennett Studio may be just the thing.