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24X7 Towing & Repairs Pennsylvania

The roads in Pennsylvania can get incredibly dangerous in the winter.  The combination of lake effect snow and the mountains can really make the terrain hard to navigate in a snowstorm. We work with individuals to get their cars towed out of snow banks and during slide-offs all the time.  We recommend during these heavy storms that you stay at home as much as possible. Also, ensure you have safety supplies in your trunk. These are things such as blankets, snacks and some water if possible.  Remember the water will freeze in the trunk. So, keep that in mind when putting it there. Be sure that the water has extra room to expand during the freezing process. These items can make your spin out a little more bearable while waiting for help. 

When you have spun off the road the best thing to do is call your local towing agency. They can come out and have you back on the road in no time. Many people try to avoid using our services which will lead to other car issues such as blown engine or transmission problems. It is, in fact, a better and safer way to go for everyone. As the car could get unstuck rather quickly and pop you out into oncoming traffic. Do what is best for you and your family and have the professionals get you out of there. 

Avoid Slide Offs

When there is a large snowstorm we often see a lot of slide-offs as well as ditch parties and accidents.  Remember, go slow and shut off all distractions.  Even with the safest of drivers, these things can happen.  Snow and ice are very unpredictable.  Once you have slid off assess the situation.  Most likely you may not be the only car there.  So, our advice is to stay in the car.  This will give you a layer of protection should another car slide off.  Exposing yourself by getting out of the car could be dangerous and even deadly. 

Once you have discovered everyone is okay, give us a call.  If you need medical attention, of course, call 911 first.  The emergency responders will take down your information and get you the help that you need.  Remember to stay calm and do exactly as the responders tell you to do.  If you see someone else that has spun off and looks to need help, offer them help and call 911.  Working together within our community is the best way for the best outcome.  After all, those that are on the scene first are those that most likely saw it happen.  Always be kind to one another and try to lend a helping hand if possible.

Heavy Duty Equipment Towing

When you are looking for a towing firm, you need to keep some things in mind.  Ensure they are equipped for your style and type of transportation.  Things such as semis, buses, and RVs are going to need heavy-duty equipment that not all agencies have.  Many of the smaller local guys cannot afford this sort of equipment so ensure that you calling on someone with experience with this as well.

Take a look around at the reviews you find online.  Are they good? Remember that more people leave reviews when they are unhappy, which means read good reviews as well.  Most will not take the time to leave a positive review.  However, for those that do, you should see if they speak of their experiences in detail.  If it is a bad storm people will have to wait and if they leave a negative review about that, keep that in mind.  When there are bad storms the most pressing get the most attention.  So, if you are a slide off all alone but the entire highway is shut down, that will take precedence.  And, sometimes these pile-ups can take the power of many towing companies to get the roads functioning again. 

Blown Tires

Many don’t think about what they will do if something such as a tire blows out, road slide off, accident or other road emergency happens.  This day and age we all have our phones that we can quickly find the local towing agencies and give them a call.  However, if you have a minute do take some time to ensure you are calling the best for your situation. 

And, some towing agencies work with your car insurance.  There is also AAA that many people carry for just this occasion.  If you have an insurance for roadside assistance, be sure to call them directly and they will help you find a reputable towing company that they have previously approved. 

24X7 Towing & Repairs Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania is a beautiful state to visit.  It was one of the first 13 colonies of the United States and is rich in history.  But, there is more than just history to this amazing state.  This is state made Philly Cheesesteaks famous and has drawn visitors for miles to try this amazing sandwich out.  Of course, the sandwich has many versions and is sold across the country.  However, this is where it all started!  This shouldn’t surprise anyone as this region is known for amazing food.

Philadelphia is home to the liberty bell, it was home to the first computer and had the first public library which was founded in 1731 by Benjamin Franklin. 

This is a beautiful state to travel with rolling hills and trees everywhere.  The cities are full of rich history as well as museums.  There are even 20 free museums in Philadelphia to visit.  These include The franklin Institute, Philadelphia Museum of Art and Fireman’s Hall Museum.  There is Independence Hall as well as the Liberty Bell Center to see as well, which are both free.

Tips on Safe Driving

When driving in Pennsylvania you will notice some areas of congestion.  Be sure to be alert to your surroundings.  This will ensure that you have a safe drive through the state.  Things that can help are:

  • Hands free driving. Getting a bluetooth headset.
  • Lower the music so you can hear emergency vehicles
  • Take breaks and give the kids thing to do
  • Turn headlights on in snow and rain

It is always better to be safe than sorry.  Turn on your headlights manually in snow, rain, and fog.  Prepare yourself for the weather ahead and check the weather.  Always in the winter carry extra blankets an supplies in the trunk in case of a slide off.  And, have an extra battery charged in case your car is dead so your phone can still charge.  Thanks for reading and be safe out there! Got questions? Ask Us!