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Westland Towing MI

We provide the best towing services for all of Westland, MI.  Our fleet includes those for light, medium and heavy-duty towing and we are prepared for just about any towing needs.  We work with our clients to ensure there is no damage left by our tow truck drivers.   Everyone is trained and has had extensive training on the various up to date techniques in the industry.  Our equipment is equipped with all the latest technology from GPS to spikes for winter.  We are dedicated to offering friendly, fast, knowledgeable service to those in need. We understand that it is not always a convenient time to need us but are always here, waiting for your call.  When you have found yourself locked out, in an accident or in a ditch, give us a call.  We are happy to assist in any way that we can 24/7.

We offer light, medium and heavy-duty towing as well as roadside help.  If you find yourself locked out of your car, we have services for that as well.  We can bring you gas, offer a jump or get you out of a ditch.  Should you be in an accident, we offer accident clean up and work with the first responders to get the mess cleared for traffic.  Our towing services are fast and friendly with nothing but the best drivers.   We have high standards for our drivers and it shows in our service.

Wrecker Services Westland

Our wrecker services are some of the best in the area. We wanted to ensure that we are the perfect place people call when they are in need of our services.  We take no shortcuts and offer fast and reliable wrecker services for all of Westland, MI.  If you find yourself needing a wrecker service, give us a call, we are happy to help.  Our fleet is nothing but top-notch and professional.  Our drivers are some of the best out there on the roads today.  We equip everyone with a GPS as well as the tools they need to get their jobs completed quickly and with ease.  If you find yourself with a flat tire, give our wrecker service a call today.

Tow Truck Services

From fixing a flat tire to clearing an accident, your tow truck services are there to help.  Dedicated to ensuring everyone stays safe during every call out.  We understand that Michigan weather can be brutal.  The snow, ice, and wind can make it hard for oncoming traffic to see us.  That is why we are equipped with flashing lights and reflective gear.  We want not only our drivers to be safe, but our customers as well.  Often times the driver will ask the customer to get into his truck.  This keeps the customer out of harm’s way should someone else slide off.  We are trained to keep a close eye out for the surrounding area as we free stuck vehicles. 

Westland Towing

Westland, MI

Westland, MI is located on the East side of the state.  It is near Dearborn Height, Livonia, Canton, and Taylor which are all subdivisions of Detroit.  Westland is in the Eastern Time Zone, which is the case for all of Michigan.  In 2017 there was approx. 82K in population with the majority being white followed up by African Americans.  The overall median age of the area is 40.5 years old.  Westland, as with most of the Detroit area has experienced a steady decline in the growth of the city since the late ’90s.

During the fall Michigan is full of fun Halloween activities.  There are apple orchards and haunted houses all over the place to visit.  Westland is no different.  There is the Hust Haunted Attraction that will surely get you engaged.  And, the Merriman Hollow Park has a light festival every year that is simply amazing to see.  Here you will drive through the park and see some amazing lights around Christmas time. 

Things to do in Westland, MI

For those non-holiday events there are many parks and recreational things around the cite of Westland.  Westland Historic Village Park has different things going on throughout the year.  It is certainly a place to check out if you happen to be in the Westland area.  All the events are located on their website.  Things such as car shows and fundraisers can be fun for the entire family.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Towing hard on a Transmission?

Towing can be hard on a transmission if not towed correctly.  There are many tow truck drivers that will tow a vehicle on their drive wheels.  However, this can damage the automatic transmission and should be avoided.

  • How much Should a Tow Truck Cost?

Tow truck costs vary from place to place, however, it should cost around $50-$125 for a 5-10 mile tow.  The cost of the truck usually depends on the distance it has to travel so it is best to call someone local.  We are local to Westland, MI and are happy to give you a quote over the phone. 

  • What is the difference between standard towing and maximum towing?

Standard towing is what comes naturally to the vehicle.  Standard towing is what the vehicle hot off the presses can pull.  It typically consists of a hitch of some sort as well as a light plug and the ability to tow.  If your vehicle has a standard hitch issued by the manufacturer there will be towing guidelines in your manual.  If you are looking to do maximum towing, you may need to get a towing package put onto the vehicle.  This towing package helps build up the transmission and ensures the truck is ready for some heavier towing.

  • Can you tow without a hitch?

For your average truck, the answer is no, you will need a hitch.  However, many of our tow trucks do not have hitches, this is because they are designed to tow.  They have other things that we use to pull the truck or car onto the bed of the truck. 

  • Can I tow more than towing capacity?

Well, you could but that would not be a good idea.  The towing capacity of a vehicle is determined at the manufacturer and you should follow those.  If you tow more than the towing capacity you are risking your transmission.

  • What Percentage of Towing Capacity is Safe?

Tow with caution.  Towing is hard on the transmission of your vehicle.  So, we would recommend no more than 80% of the rated towing capacity.  This is even truer for those traveling long distances while towing. If you still have questions, use our contact forum to get in touch.

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