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Do you have a car that is super low profile? It was either lowered, is a vintage car project or that’s just how it was made like a Corvette. This can be an issue for some drivers. As the car is lifted it can cause the bumpers to scrap on the truck.

The bumpers are low to the ground and as they are lifted the car is scraped along the pavement. This can scratch or rip the bumper right off. But, there are things that tow drivers can do to prevent this damage. Should you find yourself in the need of a tow and have a low profile car. Be sure to mention that when calling. This will determine if the driver has the equipment to pick your car up.

Need a Towing Service?

Being stuck on the side of the road is frustrating. But, please keep safety in mind. If your car has quit at night, stay in the car if at all possible. As cars pass and such, it is safer inside the car than standing alongside the road. Put your emergency lights on to show other cars you are there. If the car will move, move it out of the way either by pushing or driving it gimping to the side.

This will help other drivers that aren’t exactly paying attention not hit you. If you have a flat tire and need help, put the car as far off the road as possible. As we change it, the further from the road as possible will help with safety.

The highways are the most common place for tow truck needs. And, we have seen plenty of double and triple accidents as motorists don’t slow down. Or they are simply not paying attention to their surroundings.

Grand Rapids Roadside Assistance Services

Some tow truck drivers carry a diagnostic checking device. This can be especially handy when your car or truck just quite. Alternatively, many can check your battery and alternator right on the side of the road as well.

These tests can help determine what kind of towing you might need. Do you need to go to a full-service shop? Do you need to just hit an Auto Store for a new battery? These things could save you a ton of money and time. We would suggest you ask for your calling around. If your car has just quit or even had some signs of quitting call a local repair shop. The shop can help guide you as well on what might be wrong. Different cars are known for different issues. Most shops and garages are aware of the “known issues".