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Towing Services Detroit

Traffic in Detroit can get really bad and that is why a lot of people need towing services Detroit on a daily basis. Combine that with bad weather and you have a disaster waiting to happen.  However, we have been trained in Detroit and understand the dangers of ice and snow.  Our tow truck company is equipped with all the latest technology and ready to come help at a moment’s notice.

Whether you are stuck on the side of the road with a dead car or spun out and cannot get out, we can help.  Our team of experts has studied and been trained in helping people with their cars as well.  If it is something simple, we might be able to help you out and get you on your way right on the spot.    However, if you are looking to get an accident cleared, we can do that too.  We offer all the latest towing services and roadside assistance options.

Why us?  Our team of experts are trained professionals that will help you in a friendly manner.  We believe in having a positive attitude and it shows.  After all, you are not having the best day ever so don’t let your tow truck driver make it worse with a poor or rude attitude.  When you are calling around notice how the customer service treats you, as this is an extension of how the servicemen will treat you as well.  Remember, when you are calling to have the make and model of the car handy.  This information can be found on your registration, which most people keep in the vehicle’s glove box.  This information will tell the towing agency what truck to send out and other important information about the vehicle before they arrive.

Wrecker Services

Our wrecker services come in a variety of ways.  We can come to you and help you out with a bit of gas, or jump start your car, tow it away after an accident or help you get it to a repair shop where it can be properly diagnosed and fixed.  Our goal is to provide fast and reliable service for all makes and models of cars, trucks, mini-vans, and SUV’s.

But, we do not only help with the normal-sized cars, but we also provide heavy-duty wrecker services for those in semis, buses and other larger vehicles.  We can pick you up and take you to a safe place while towing your vehicle as well.  If you are on the side of the road with nobody to call, we are here 24/7 to help you.  Or if you have been in an accident and the car is not drivable, we can help with this as well. 

Not all auto towing services are the same. Remember, when you call, ask questions and be sure the towing company knows and understands your situation.  If you are stuck far off the road and there are trees or other things blocking you in, let the driver know before they arrive. Understanding the situation before arrival allows the driver to pack the needed specialized equipment that may not always be on board. 

24-Hour Emergency Towing

24-hour towing services are here when you need us.  Yes, accidents do not always happen at the most convenient times, however, we are here.  Give us a call!  We can tow just about any type of vehicle with ease.  We will arrive promptly and be courteous to your situation.  Accidents are never fun, but trying to look at the best is always a good attitude to have.  We treat all of our clients with the respect they deserve and take the best care we can with their cars 24/7.

Tow Truck Services

Our tow truck services both basic models as well as super cars such as semis, tractor-trailers, buses, and limos.  We work with all size vehicles big or small and have the proper equipment to get you out of just about any situation. We offer accident cleaning up, roadside assistance, lockout assistance, jumps, and tire changes to name a few. 

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed tow trucks are used to tow trucks that are four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.  We use flatbed tow trucks are used to pick up cars that are rendered to not roll.  Flatbed towing is where the wheels of the car are all onto the bed of the tow truck. 

Towing Services Detroit

On-Road Services

On-road services are services we provide right there on the road.  These can be simple things such as delivering some gas, to changing a tire and so much more.  If you need something while stuck on the side of the highway, we are here to help.  Our on-road services are some of the best in all of Detroit but don’t take our word for it, check out some of our reviews!

Car lockout services

Getting out of work and finding out you cannot open the car door is the worst.  You have just had a long day and really do not need this type of aggravation.  However, here you stand, seeing clearly your keys in the ignition.  We can unlock that car and get you on your way with ease.  We work with all kinds of makes and models of cars too.  If you are in a situation where you have locked the keys in your car, we can help.

Flat tire Change

Getting a flat tire is not something anyone plans for.  However, there you are, sitting on the side of the road with a flat.  Give us a call! We can come out and change your tire to your spare.  If you don’t have a spare, let us know and we can pick one up for you on our way.  Driving on a flat tire can cause further damage to the car and simply should not be done. However, we are here 24/7 to help!

Avoid Pile ups

Pile ups happen on the Detroit highways, but we are here working through them one car at a time. We have worked with first responders in the Detroit area for many years and understand their procedures. We want everyone safe, so during a pile-up be sure to stay in your car if your car is intact and not on fire. This helps shield you from other cars that may join the pile up.

Detroit the City

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan with over 700K in population.  Where is located it is the only city where you look to the South to see Canada.  It is dubbed as “Motor City" and is full of automobile manufacturers and was home to the first urban freeway.  Detroit has been the home for many music legends.  These legends are Aretha Franklin, Aaliyah, Eminem and Kid Rock to name a few.  Many of these artists will reference Detroit in their hit songs as well.  Detroit is located in the Eastern Time Zone, which is the same as NYC.

There are a lot of amazing and fun things to do in Detroit.  If you love art, you will love the Detroit Institute of Arts, where there are 65K artworks that span the length of civilization.  There are amazing murals throughout the depict that of the American auto worker. 

The Motown Museum is another legendary place that everyone that visits Detroit should see.  This is where the legendary Hitsville USA record label was founded.

Sports in Detroit

Enjoy America’s favorite past time?  Comerica Park is home to the Detroit Tigers.  This has a Ferris Wheel and a diverse food court inside as well.  Not into baseball?  What about a Hockey game?  Little Caesars Arena is the fourth-largest arena in the world.  It has a seating capacity just over 19k.  It is home to the Red Wings hockey team.  Or grab a game of football at the Ford Field and watch the Detroit Lions take action on the field.  Detroit clearly has something for everyone in the sports area.  Of course, if you are not into professional sports there are always a bunch of minor sports to watch as well.

Looking for a zoo?  Detroit Zoo is located 2 miles north of Detroit in Royal Oak a Huntington.  Keep watch of their webpage as they always have events going on at the zoo as well.  It is 125 acres and has approx. 2000 different animals with award-winning attractions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it illegal to tow a car in Michigan?

No, it is not illegal to have a car towed at the request of the police, private owner or the owner of the vehicle.  You can retrieve your personal property from the vehicle without charge, for the first time.  However, after the first visit, you can be charged by the company storing your vehicle a fee of $25 for each additional visit. 

  • How do I file a complaint against a towing company?

You can file a petition for a court hearing if you believe your car was towed unlawfully or the charges are out of line.  If the car was towed at the request of a police officer or private party then this is the best course of action if you have a legitimate complaint.  If you want them investigated, you can file a complaint at the attorney general’s office.  You can file a police report as Michigan State Police (MSP) regulate all towing companies in Michigan.  If you believe the towing company may be operating without proper licenses MSP can tell you. 

  • Is flat towing illegally in Michigan?

No, you can flat tow as long as reliable connections are used from the vehicle being towed to the towing vehicle. 

  • Is predatory towing illegal?

Predatory towing is illegal in the state of Michigan.  This is where the towing companies take advantage of their power with their towing trucks and essentially steal vehicles that are parked completely legal and not in the way of anyone.  Tow companies do this to make extra money illegally. If you have any questions, use our contact forum

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