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24X7 Towing & Repairs Michigan

Towing in Michigan is slightly different than that of say Texas.  Michigan roadways in the winter can be very dangerous.  Despite the best efforts of the road crews, the roads can be very slick and there are pile-ups and slide-offs often.  During these winter storms, drivers are advised to avoid the roads.  However, there are just times when people simply cannot do this.  During those times it is important to go slow and take your time.  However, even with the very best driving skills and going slow with caution, the ice can be overpowering.  When this happens having someone there that you can trust is important.

Our drivers have been trained for Michigan winters.  They live and work in the ice and snow and understand how to tackle even the most buried vehicle.  If you have found yourself stuck, or just live in Michigan are thinking ahead, we are here for you 24/7.  Our tow truck services are some of the best fleet of trucks found on the Michigan roads.  Our trucks are equipped with all modern-day technology such as GPS and spikes to help us get a better grip.

Michigan Crash Statistics

Michigan State Police and Michigan Traffic Crash Fact are two other websites that will give the breakdown and statistics of the car crash in Michigan.  As for 2011, there were 284,049 car wrecks in Michigan according to the Michigan State Police criminal justice information center crash statistics.  This same source reveals that 52,487 had injuries resulting from the crash.  However, this number is argued in a variety of spaces from which it is hard to tell exactly how many had injuries. Some common themes in the crashes are high speeds and failure to yield, things that are easily fixed if drivers would just pay more attention while driving.  Alcohol contributed to less than 10k of the crashes for the entire year.  (1)

When you find yourself in the shoes of one of these statistics it can be very scary.  Be sure to call 911 if there are any believed injuries to get help right away.  However, if have just had a simple slide off and only need a towing company, we are here to help.  Slide offs are very common in Michigan and not only in the winter.  During the spring, summer and fall months heavy rain can make the roads very slippery and hydroplaning can occur.  Whatever the reason for the slide off, here you are. 

Stay Safe in your Car

When you have had a slide off or been in an accident and it is safe to stay in the car, we recommend that you do this.  After all, if you have slid off in this spot it is clearly slippery and your vehicle can act as a shield to others that may slide off with you.  It is also helpful for you to stay in the car so that you are not on the side of a slippery highway causing a distraction to the other drivers.

If the car is running and can run without damage this will allow you to remain warm or cool depending on the time of year that this occurred.  Always keep blankets in the car in the winter months for just this reason.  It takes up little space in the trunk but can be very handy in blizzards where the tow drivers may be overwhelmed with calls. 

Typically when you call, someone will answer and let you know when we are available.  We have a fleet that is capable of small cars all the way to semis.  This is important as there is just about every size of the vehicle out there and they all go into the ditch from time to time.  We will need to know what kind of car you have, the make and model are most helpful and if there are any special needs.  Is the car not mobile?

Car Slide Off Assistance

After an accident, it is common that cars are not mobile and we will have to come with a flatbed.  Basically we take in this information to make a decision on which towing truck needs to come to you.  Often times if it is a ditch slide, you just need someone to come and wench you out.   This is a simple service that doesn’t do any damage to the car or truck.  However, if you have been in a major accident where the wheels are no longer on the vehicle, this will take a bit more effort and a different approach.

If you have gone off into the ditch at night and it is possible to leave your headlights on, be sure to do so.  This will allow our drivers to spot you when they are approaching.  Of course, do this with common sense, if the headlights are going to be blinding other drivers passing by, you may want to just leave the parking lights on to ensure the safety of the other drivers.  We always think of safety first when out on the road.  Just think of all those accidents that could have been prevented if the person would have yielded properly.  When driving, remember that other driver may not stop and never assume.  Driving with caution can save your life. 

Buckle Up Michigan

Buckle up Michigan as seatbelts are the law and can save your life.  Seat belts are designed to keep you in the vehicle and safe while it is rolling or being bounced around.  Rescuers have special tools that will cut the seatbelt from you without any harm to you.  Avoid getting a seat belt ticket which is probably the easiest ticket to avoid. 

When choosing a tow truck company keep in mind what your needs are and ensure they offer those services.  If you have a heavy-duty RV, bus or limo, not all towing companies can serve you.  You will need to find a towing company that offers heavy-duty towing.  Many of the smaller towing companies do not have this sort of service as these rigs are big and costly.

If you have a simple car, you will want to check the reviews online for the towing company you are looking at.  Be sure to ask questions and take note of how they treat you over the phone.  If they are short and rude, this should be a sign of how they will treat you on the side of the highway as well. And, let’s face it, you have had a pretty bad day so far, you do not need anyone to be rude at this point.  Find someone that is friendly and helpful.  After all, you are the customer and you deserve to be treated as well.  Ensure the towing company is available 24/7 as accidents don’t always happen from 9-5. 

24X7 Towing & Repairs Michigan


The state of Michigan is a beautiful state full of amazing lakes, ponds, and streams.  Many love to visit to come and see the great island of Mackinac.  (Which is pronounced Mack-i-naaw)  On the island, there are no running cars and everything is done by horse carriage.  There are very few year-round residents but the beauty of the waters and the island are certainly something to visit.  And, of course, be sure to pick up some of that famous Mackinac Island fudge.  The shopping is amazing and you can rent bikes as well as horse time. 

The beaches of Lake Michigan are another large attraction to the state.  These beaches are simply gorgeous with small beach towns all up the coast.  These small towns are great for shopping or dining on your favorite cuisine.  Be sure to check out the harbors and the boats are something you may only see in Michigan. 

Petosky is another great town in the north as well as Traverse City where you can go for wine tasting.  These towns are beautiful beachside towns with lots of things to do.  If you are in Michigan in the winter there is Boyne Mountain just outside of Traverse City that is a great ski resort.  In fact, Michigan has a handful of great ski resorts.  Of course, they do not compare those you would find in Colorado, but they do the job. 

The Beautiful Sights of Michigan

Another awesome attraction is Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, are you seeing a theme here?  Everything in Michigan has to do with the water for the most part.  People in Michigan love their lakes and it shows. 

Michigan is considered apart of the Midwest.  People of the midwest tend to be friendly and helpful to outsiders.  This makes Michigan a wonderful place to visit for people from foreign countries as well. 

In the fall Michigan celebrates with apple cider, pumpkin patches, and pumpkin spice everything. There are often many fall festivals to attend that have fun things for the kids to do such as corn mazes and pumpkin tosses.  Often times there are farmers markets as well as crafting fairs that surround these festivals.  There are even farms that are dedicated to serving the public such as Uncle John’s Cider Mill and the Critter Barn found in Zeeland, MI.  Farming is a big deal in Michigan and the county fairs are another popular attraction. If you have questions, please call us