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Find the Best Towing Companies in Massachusetts!

Towing in Massachusetts is actually much easier than towing in some other states. The towing laws are actually behind most other states. This means that you need to find towing companies in Massachusetts that are trustworthy and reliable. Most of us don’t know what is a reasonable charge for towing. Which is why most states have regulations in order. In Massachusetts, you don’t have certain laws in place to protect the consumers. This means that they can pretty much make up anything they would like about towing your car. This means that your car is at the risk most of the time. However, we do not practice this type of towing, there are companies out there that do.

In this state, there are very few regulations on the towing industry, compared to other states. Here the tow truck company does not have to notify you that they are in fact towing your car. They can charge pretty much anything they want as well. This is why it is very important to work with an outstanding towing company like ourselves that will give you a receipt and operate in a professional manner.

Towing Regulations and Laws

The department of Telecommunications and energy is responsible for the towing rules and regulations. They are forever changing, so you should check with an attorney should you have questions. Emergency towing companies are required to meet certain drivers and charging regulations and rules. The regulations state that a company can only charge up to $90 for the first five miles. After those five miles, they can charge up to $3 per mile. This regulation stops those that are looking to price gouge someone. With us, you will have only to pay these affordable rates.

Sometimes you are not the one that called the towing company. This can be commercial building owners or business owners that want your vehicle out of their lot. This can also be a residential dispute that calls to get your vehicle removed. In these cases, you will need to seek an attorney’s advice on how to go about the matter. If a tow truck responds and removes your car from someone’s property, it is the job of the tow truck. However, there may be some legal courses that you can take.

Other rates are for commercial vehicles. These vehicles are $90 for the first five miles and then $4.25 for each additional mile. And, if special equipment is needed to get the commercial vehicle up on the tow truck such as bulldozers or heavy equipment, they can only charge you what the cost of that was for them. That means, they can charge the exact amount without any markup. Finally, you may need to check this source about towing regulations. And if you have any questions regarding our Towing Companies in Massachusetts, call us now.

Requirements of a Tow Truck Driver

All tow truck drivers need to have a CDL driver’s license.  If the combined weight of the tow truck and cargo exceeds 10k pounds, they will need to have a Class A commercial driver’s license. While if the combined gross weight is 26K pounds or over, then they will need a Class B license.

Follow the rules and don’t find your car getting towed. Tow truck companies have contracts with business owners as well as police. If you find your car being towed, you can negotiate with the driver to drop it, before they take it off and charge you the above rates. Sometimes owners call for a tow, maybe you have had a slide off or need a jump, these services will also come at a cost. So, be sure to ask, when you call what charges you should expect so that you are fully aware. In addition, you may check the license factor before placing an order with any company that offers roadside assistance services.

Areas Served in MA

Our positive customer reviews motivate us to expand more to cover more areas and cities. That is not an easy job to be a service provider for all cities. However, the CEO of the company is working very hard on increasing the exposure of the company. In addition, we are currently offering comprehensive towing services that help you get back on the road in no time. This includes for example fix a flat tire, lockout solution, jump start, etc.

Of course, we are working on this plan without any compromises on the customer service. Your safety and the customer satisfaction are our number one concern. In the meantime, our towing companies in Massachusetts cover the following locations in MA:

About the State of Massachusetts!

Massachusetts is full of United States history! It became a state as early as 1788 and has a capital of Boston. It is a relatively small state at 10,554 square miles and carries the nickname of Bay State. The people here love their cranberries and that is actually the state berry. It is the home of the very first lighthouse, which was built in the Boston harbor in 1716. Some of the key cities are Springfield, Salem, Boston, Cambridge, Plymouth, and Worcester.

This is a state that the pilgrims arrived at first. This was around 1620 when the colony was formed. In the 1760’s Boston was a hub of commerce and industry. It was also an area where you would find some of our famous first leaders. This is where the American Revolution began and where radical thinking started. This is when we started to become our own nation. The leader of Massachusetts, John Hancock was the first person that signed the Declaration of Independence. In 1977 the Springfield Armory was founded, which is where many American guns were first formed. Lowell was the first industrial city in North America.

Accordingly, we decided to offer a towing service in the city of Lowell. It is an industrial city that has a unique touch. In addition, the city is rich regarding the moving companies that can help you move in easily and quickly.

Population in MA

People of Massachusetts did not believe in slavery and believed it was against their religion. Yet, the south believed otherwise. This tension would continue for years until we have a civil war. When President Lincoln became president, they completely supported the war and completely was on board to free the slaves. They even had some of their own laws pertaining to slavery, which protected them. Both during and after the war, Boston was known to have the educators, writers and public thinkers of the states. Boston was home to the first US library and still, today is one of the largest in the country. It is full of colleges, concert halls, museums and more.

A lot of has happened in this small state.  It was the focal point of the American Revolutions, Abolitionist movement, and the industrial revolution. Not only is it famous for everything that it stands for, but it is also has a lot of first. It not only had the first library, but it also was home to the first public school and high school, the first public park and the first subway system for the public and has one of the most popular college destinations in the nation. It is the birthplace of many sports as well.   This includes basketball and volleyball. MA is the home of some very famous universities such as Harvard and MIT.