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Have you ever found yourself broken down on the side of the road looking for a tow truck? Calling the right company can make a world of a difference! The environment determines what the tow truck needs to complete the job correctly.  For example, tow trucks in the Northern parts of the country where snow is common to have spikes in the back to give them an edge and allow them to pull out stuck vehicles.

All recovery trucks can pick you up and drop you off at any locations. Another thing to know is that our trucks are always on the move to keep up with you. And, there are many different styles of towing available as well.   These methods are:

  • Flatbed Towing
  • Two Wheel Dolly Towing
  • Flat Tow Bar Towing

Of course, there are other services offered such as pull-outs, accident pickups, roadside assistance, lockout assistance, and jump start. 

Common Methods

Flatbed towing is one of the more common methods.  It is the safest and most secure ways of towing and typically used for hauling a vehicle from one location to the other.  This method of towing is a bit more costly than other methods as the flatbed truck is a large truck to operate and maintain.  However, this is the safest and easiest method to drive one vehicle to another location. 

Two-wheel dollying is a less costly way of towing a vehicle from one place to another.  The flat tow bar style is the least costly of all the methods but requires the car to have all four workable tires.  This method uses a bar attached to the car and pulls it on all fours.  This can cause damage to the car as the drive wheels are still rolling.  This can be especially bad for cars with automatic transmissions.

Towing Laws

Towing laws vary from state to state.  Know your rights.  There are many reasons for getting your car towed and some are not phone calls made by the owner of the car.  Things such as illegal parking is a great example. 

Pricing varies from company to company.  Be sure to get a quote.  And, there are roadside insurance options available on the market that many of the companies work with.  These are certainly options that are worth looking into.  As the average cost in the US is $95 for up to 10 mils.

Safety Tips for the Road and Driving

The main safety tips for driving on the road are the basic ones. First, stay focused when you’re driving.  Set your phone to silence so that you are not distracted and focus on the road. Keep the radio at a moderate level so that you can hear emergency sirens and things.  Pullover should you need to attend to a child or answer an important call.  If you are using a GPS have it set to a volume that you can easily hear the instructions.  Remember to always buckle your safety belt.  This is the law in some states and can save your life.

If you are ever experiencing car trouble on the highway or expressways get off at an exit.  This makes it easier for the towing truck to notice and find you as well as safer.  

Another tip is to drive when wide awake and be sure to give yourself some time to rest.  There are rest areas located on the highways for just this purpose.  Be sure on long trips to get out and walk around a bit.  Taking breaks can help you stay focused on the road.

Drive Safely

Sometimes it is not possible to drive with your phone off.  Remember, laws are cracking down on driving with cell phones.   Be sure you have a bluetooth for talking responsibly when needed.  Many devices have a “driving mode" that can be turned on so that only emergency calls can get through.  If you are easily distracted by your phone this is a great option for you.  

If you have a passenger in the car, ask them to help you navigate bad traffic jams or how slow the drive could be.  Avoid traffic jams by paying attention to the signs around you.  Should you see a lot of brake lights ahead, get off and try an alternate route.

Children are another distraction that is unavoidable.  Be sure to have things in the car that will entertain them.  Also when in a car with kids always try to stop places for food and bathroom breaks so that they will be less anxious. This will help with children distracting your driving. If you have any questions, please contact us

Towing in Texas

Areas Served Texas

The most common and easiest way to tow in the cities of Texas would be with a flatbed truck.  It is easy for drivers to latch and go. This style works with vehicles that have been incapacitated as well as running vehicles.  This style allows the driver to simply drive as normal.

The boom style which is a hook that goes onto the frame or the front axle that drags it along and pulls you out of the ditch or difficult areas. You are required to have a truck big and heavy enough to function under the stress of another vehicle putting weight on the back half of the truck. If you have a bigger truck be sure to look for a heavy-duty towing option.   Heavy-duty towing is used for semis, RVs and other large vehicles.

Wisconsin Towing

Areas Served Wisconsin

In all regions, there are three levels of towing which include as light, medium and heavy. The different levels are used on different styles and weights of cars or trucks.   If you are broken down or need assistance on the side of the road you call these services to help you depending on what you drive they will send the appropriate option out to assist.

This state tends to get a lot of snow in the winter months.  This snow and ice tend to leads to accidents and collisions on the roads. Slippery roads do not affect the tow trucks in Wisconsin and they have spikes onboard their trucks to help with traction.  These spikes help make it easier for them to pull out slide-offs. 

Pennsylvania Towing

Areas Served Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is very similar to Wisconsin in the northern region of the US.  There are snow and ice as well as hills from the mountains.   This is a very dangerous combination in the winter.  However, the locals are used to driving in this.  The tow trucks here are equipped for such terrain.  This terrain means more slide-offs compared to Texas.  

In Pennsylvania there is lake effect snow as well. This can be brutal in the winter months and cause many accidents.  A good towing company not only helps with slide-offs but also with accident clean up as well.  Accidents caused by snow and ice can be dangerous and if possible stay in your car until help arrives.

Michigan Towing

Areas Served Michigan

Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan are in the North with very similar weather.  Towing in Michigan means dealing with snow and ice as well as lake effects.   Whether you live in the city or in the outskirts there always a company to serve you in your time of need. Tow trucks in Michigan are prepared for the harsh Michigan weather as well as ready for summer break downs as well.  Areas of Michigan can get quite muddy from time to time and tow truck drivers can get busy pull stuck vehicles from the mud. 

Tow truck driving in Michigan is very similar to that in Wisconsin.  The terrain is flat for the most part which makes it safer for the drivers to be spotted.