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Our staff manager is Jerry Raymond

Our Staff – Jerry Raymond

  • Owner:

Jerry is a family man that has a heart for people. He started this company with just a truck and a cell phone. However, over the years he has expanded us into the various states that you see now. He is a great leader and a hard worker. Building towing agency to this size and capacity is no small feet. But, he has done it and been beside all the drivers to train and assist in any way he can.

He has been at this for over 10 years. He has a wife and a couple of children that he loves with a passion. If you run into Jerry we are sure he will have one of his stories about the little ones that will melt your heart. Jerry’s first concern is the customer’s satisfaction. And that is why our clients consistently rate our services with 5 stars. We would love o serve you soon and let our experience works for you. And you can learn here more about our motivation as a company

Our Office Manager!

  • Kate Crystal

Kate Crystal

Kate came along and joined our crazy team back when we were only in a couple of states. Now that we have expanded she does have her hands full.  Kate trains all of our office personnel to ensure they are properly quoting people as well as answering the calls with a smile. We are a professional towing company that believes that every phone call should be answered. She has been with us for about 5 years at this point.

Our Licensed Trainers and Drivers!

  • Toby Manning

Toby Manning

Toby is a driver that just has it in him. John loves to employ drivers that have a passion for helping people. After all, getting out there in the harsh weather requires the right person. Toby is a guy that will help anyone out and just loves his job. He has trained side by side with John to ensure he knows his stuff! He is currently single if there are any ladies looking. And, he is great at what he does. We are proud to have him on the team and in front of our customers.

Towing Expert and Driver!

  • Mike Jennings

Our staff has a senior driver called Mike Jennings

Mike is a real go-getter.  He loves the mechanics of it all and the difficult jobs. He is always thinking about ways to improve the systems that we have in place and has a kind but gruff stance about him. However, he is always ready to go at a moment’s notice. He worked as a truck driver for years and since has wanted a quieter life where he is home more. Granted, a tow truck driver is on call 24/7 so it is not the life for everyone, but Mike has adjusted perfectly. He fulfilled in his early 20’s all the requirements to be a tow truck driver. In all reality, all our staff is licensed, insured and well-trained to deal with almost any situation.

Roadside Assistance Expert!

  • Dan Conner

Dan Conner

Dan is young, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to outdo the other guys. He is passionate about the business and loves to show up and get it done. His youth helps him move quickly and get into tight situations. Dan is just recently married and is starting to settle into what his life is going to be like. Dan is a kind man with a heart of gold and is always ready to step in at a moment’s notice. If you are privileged enough to meet Dan, be sure to ask about Holly, his German Sheppard. He has a passion for animals and loves his dog, we think, more than his wife!