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Our Pricing

Our Pricing is Fair!

Our pricing is competitive in our coverage area. We operate in many states in total. So the pricing may vary a bit from state to state due to the operational costs and different overheads. Our pricing is set to be competitive. Even though we are a full-service towing agency and not some guy with a truck we remain competitive.

We work with our clients in a much more professional manner than some towing agencies. And, we have far more staff and trucks to better serve our clients. In this regards, you should be sure that we charge our clients even less than the maximum towing fees reported in this governmental resource

Typically a min. base fee is $50. This is the fee that we charge to start the process of dispatching and getting a truck out to you. This is for local towing and covers you up to 10 miles. Otherwise, there is a $75 hook up fee charged and $2-$4 per mile charge. When you are looking for a tow truck, finding a local towing agency is really important to keep the costs down to a minimum. We also work with some insurance companies as well and offer heavy duty towing, which is something that not every towing company offers. 

Our Rates for Tow Truck

The average towing cost is usually around $100, however, it can be as much as $300 or more, depending on what you are towing and the miles being towed. There are a few factors that go into the cost of the tow. These things are the miles as we have spoken about before but also the size of the vehicle being towed. The size of the vehicle determines the size and style of the truck that needs to be dispatched out too you.

There are other towing services that we offer as well. These are things such as roadside assistance services which includes tire changes and lockout assistance. These things such as a locked car can cost $35-$250 to fetch the keys if the keys are in it. If the keys are lost you will need a locksmith to make you a new key. Tire Changes and jump-starts all come with a cost as well. Be sure to ask, if this is a concern and we can get you a quick quote. 

Our Pricing Model for Towing Services!

Other factors that go into the cost of the tow is how hard it is to tie your vehicle down. If you have a semi that has no wheels left and has been in a bad accident, this is going to take some time and knowledge to get it properly up on the flatbed. However, if you are in a small car that just quit for whatever reason, this will have less work, thus less cost. Things such as stuck in mud or snow can really add to the time it takes to get you out.

These are factors that we much take into account when going on a call. We may ask you questions. These questions are important and we ask them so we know what equipment to bring along. For example, if you are far off the road and really stuck in some deep snow, we need to know this. This allows us to mentally prepare our drivers while in route as well. If you have any inquiries, please check our FAQ list, or feel free to message us.