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Does having your car towed harm the transmission?

Yes, if your car is not properly towed, it can mess with the transmission.  This is why you need to go with a tow truck company that understands how to properly tow each and every style, make and model.  They must also take into consideration if it is a front or rear-wheel-drive car.  However, if done properly your transmission is safe during towing.

Is it OK to tow an automatic car in neutral?

Although it is not the ideal situation, you can, in fact, tow a car in neutral behind another car.  You should not exceed 25 mph though.    This is because the “Neutral" only disengages the engine from the transmission and not the transmission from the wheels.  If towed for long distances or too fast it can harm the transmission.

Does towing damage a car?

If you are towing improperly, yes, it can damage the car, which is why you really need to go with an experienced towing company.  Also, if your car has to be towed while in park, this can cause damage as well.  Dragging a car in park can cause all kinds of damage to the tires, the wheel connections the transmission amoung other things. 

Can a towing company legally keep your car?

This varies from state to state and city to city.  You should check with the local authorities if you have had a car towed and it is being held against your will.  There are all kinds of reasons that a towing company was called to impound your vehicle.  They should be able to tell you the reason and the local laws.

Can you sue a towing company for damages?

Yes, you can sue for damages but you might just want to go civil first.  Most towing companies have insurance and you can probably get your damages repaired by addressing the issue with the towing company.  Accidents do happen, that may even be how you found the towing company in the first place.  However, there are usually solutions that everyone can agree upon before the cost of attorney and time is involved.

How much can a towing company legally charge?

Just like the electric company and other service agencies the towing industry is regulated on what they can charge.  This again will vary from state to state and in different areas.  However, they are regulated so they cannot gouge you in some way and leave you without your car and a huge crazy bill.

What is the average towing rate?

The average towing charge is between $50-125 for a five to ten-mile tow.  There can be additional charges for a longer tow as well as the size of the vehicle that needs to be towed.

What is covered by roadside assistance?

If you have roadside assistance insurance you would need to speak with them.  Every insurance is a bit different.  You need to understand your insurance and what you are responsible for. 

How much does roadside assistance cost for a flat tire?

Most roadside insurances do not cover the cost of repairs. This will be a cost that you will incur.  However, if you have a roadside assistance insurance plan you should really ask them. A tire patch is usually around $60.

What to look for in a towing company?

You should look at their reviews.  Ensure they are licensed and insured.  And, check to ensure they are close by.  Towing often goes by miles, so it is important to find someone that is close to your location to save money.